Smallville x La Station — Efdemin • Pit Spector • Mathilde Rocaboy...


Ven. 28 juillet (23:30 - 07:00)
Station Nord

12€ en prévente

18+ | Accès PMR

Efdemin was our first guest when we started to throw Smallville Paris parties with Pantha du Prince in 2007. Since then, I had the honor to play with him several times, including for example a very special one at Berghain/Panorama Bar where he is resident, and it’s always been a great and inspiring experience to listen to him play. He’s not only the best techno dj I know, he can also play the deepest house sets, or extraordinary contemporary acoustic live music with his Monophonie project amongst other sound installations. He is a pioneer member of the legendary Dial records label. He’s one of the most talented producer of the electronic music scene. And he’s not only a truly passionate music artist but also the greatest human being. So you can imagine how thrilled I am to invite him again at La Station very soon.

Pit Spector is also a great dj and producer. Member of the live trio Antislash, he released on numerous great labels like Versatile, Circus Company, Karat, Minibar, or his own imprint Prospector. He collaborates with amazing artists like Tin Man, Dave Aju, San Proper, and of course his brother Ark. They just released on Logistic a great new album together called Oeuvre Dark.

Mathilde Rocaboy is a great dj too and half of Sumu project. She already played in all the best places in Paris but also Berlin like Club der Visionäre recently. She's working on some production projects too and you will hear from her more and more very soon.

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